Husqvarna 4-stroke

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Replica Husqvarna 4-stroke

The currently very popular four-stroke bike for the twinshock class is the Husky model 1984. We have slightly altered the frame because this bike is now used for the classic motocross, . The frame is changed in such way that the Dellorto carburetor can be replaced for a modern Keihin carburetor that provides much better performance. For this purpose, the mainframe tube is slightly changed and a loose bracket is provided to ensure the rigidity of the frame and to be able to work on the carburetor whilst it is still in the frame.

These replicas of the well-known 70’s Husqvarna 4stroke frames are rebuild by B.Z.S. Racing Parts with great precision and of high quality chromium molybdenum tube (25CrMo4). The TIG welding done with special welding wire.

This frame will be supplied as a kit:
- Frame incl swingarm

The weight of the frame incl. swing arm is 11.8 kg


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